DEOS Apps & Services

What cloud services does DEOS contain?

DEOS contains a set of cutting edge free cloud services including Breathe in the Cloud, Life Stream, Documents in the Cloud and a full Office Suite in the Cloud.

• Breathe in the Cloud – syncs music and TV downloads
This service enables automatic download of new music purchases to all your devices, so a song bought on your iPad will be waiting for you on your Android phone. No syncing required. Breathe in the Cloud also lets you download your previously purchased Breathe content, including music and TV shows, to your devices at no additional cost. Since DEOS stores your previously purchased Breathe history, you can see what you’ve bought no matter which device you bought it on, and since you already own the content, you can play it on any of your devices or simply tap the DEOS icon to download it to store and play later. You can also play any music from your library on any of your devices.

• Life Stream – syncs photos

DEOS’s innovative service lets you take a photo on one device and have it automatically appear on your other devices. A photo you take on your iPhone is sent to DEOS and automatically appears on your iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC. DEOS automatically sends a copy of the photos you’ve imported from your digital camera securely over Wi-Fi or Ethernet, so you can view them on your other devices. You can also view your Life Stream album on your Internet TV. DEOS manages your Life Stream efficiently, showing your last 1000 photos so you don’t run out of storage space.

• Documents in the Cloud- updates and backs up documents

DEOS Backup automatically and securely backs up your important information to DEOS daily over Wi-Fi whenever your iOS & Android device is connected to a power source. Once you plug it in, everything is backed up quickly and efficiently. DEOS already stores your purchased music, TV shows, apps, books and Life Stream; DEOS Backup takes care of everything else, backing up your photos and video in the Camera Roll. DEOS Backup backs up your device settings, app data, home screen and app organization, messages and ring tones. DEOS Backup can also help you set up a new iOS & Android device or restore the information on one you already own.**

Automatic document updating

DEOS keeps your documents up to date across all your devices, automatically, so you don’t have to. For example, if you create a document using Microsoft Word® on your iPad, that document is automatically sent to DEOS. When you use DEOS on another iOS & Android device, you can open the same document with your latest changes and pick up editing or reading right where you left off. Razormind’s DEOSOffice® apps for iOS & Android, W, X and P will take advantage of DEOS storage. Razormind is also offering developers the APIs they need to enable their apps to work seamlessly with DEOS Documents in the Cloud.

Automatic app downloading

DEOS lets you see your DEOSStore™ and Citizen purchase history and download those apps and legal items to any of your securely devices at any time. Purchased apps and items can be automatically downloaded to your devices, not just the device they were purchased on. Simply tap the DEOS icon and download your purchased apps to any of your iOS & Android devices at no additional cost.

Apps, Downloads and Free Email

Free ad- free email
Your ad-free Mail account is hosted at DEOS also works seamlessly with your Outlook, so you can share calendars with friends and family, and Your inboxes and folders are kept up to date across your iOS & Android devices and computers, and with DEOS you have easy web access to your Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My Light and DEOSOffice documents.

Find missing devices

The Find My Light app can help you if one of your devices is missing. Just use the free Find My Light app on another device, or sign in at from a computer to see your missing iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on a map, display a message, and remotely lock or wipe your missing DEOS device. Find My Light also lets you locate a missing desktop or laptop running DEOS.

Find family and friends

Find My Family is a new app available as a free download from the DEOS Store that lets you easily share your location with people who are important to your life. Friends and family appear on a map so you can quickly see where they are. Find My Family also lets you temporarily share your location with a group of friends, whether it’s for a couple of hours for a dinner or a couple of days on a camping trip. When the time is up, the sharing ends. With Find My Family, you get a notification every time you get a new family request and if you give them permission, they can see your location. With a simple tap you can hide your location. Parental controls help you manage how your child uses Find My Family.

*DEOS is available worldwide. Breathe in the Cloud varies by country. Breathe+ and TV shows are US-only. Breathe in the Cloud and Breathe may be used on up to 10 devices with the same Razormind ID.

**Backup of purchased music is not available in all countries. Backup of purchased TV shows is US only. A purchased item may be unavailable to be restored if it is no longer in the Breathe Store, or DEOS Store.


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